Institutsseminar des TKM

Vorträge im Wintersemester 2021
Datum Vortragender Titel
21.10.2021 Gian Andrea Inkof The holographic dual of the quantum critical SYK superconductor
28.10.2021 Michael Rampp Topologically enabled superconductivity
11.11.2021 Egor Kiselev Human cerebral tissue growth is a self organized critical process
25.11.2021 Ankur Das Universal Noise Fano Factor at the edge of quantum Hall phases
02.12.2021 Luiz Santos Hofstadter Superconductors
09.12.2021 Laura Classen N=4 chiral superconductivity in moiré transition metal dichalcogenides
16.12.2021 Jonas Karcher tba
13.01.2022 Anshuman Bhardwaj Inflationary dynamics and particle production in a toroidal Bose-Einstein condensate
20.01.2022 Adrian Reich tba
24.02.2022 Paul Popperl tba