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Institutsseminar des TKM

Vorträge im Wintersemester 2018
Datum Vortragender Titel
25.10.2018 Stefan Backens Jordan–Wigner transformations for tree structures
08.11.2018 Robert Eder Excitation spectrum and phase transitions of the Kondo lattice
15.11.2018 Elmer Doggen Many-body localization and delocalization in large quantum chains
22.11.2018 Polina Matveeva Edge states in two-dimensional topological semimetal with non-symmorphic symmetry
29.11.2018 Indranil Paul Effect of elasticity and disorder on nematic properties of a correlated metal
06.12.2018 Mathias S. Scheurer Gauge theories of fluctuating antiferromagnetism for the cuprate superconductors
13.12.2018 Pavel Ostrovsky Interplay between Anderson localization and proximity effect
10.01.2019 Gu Zhang tba
17.01.2019 Björn Sbierski tba
24.01.2019 Stefan Rex tba
31.01.2019 Jonas Karcher tba
07.02.2019 Vanessa Gall tba
14.02.2019 Joachim Küppers tba