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Electronic Correlations and Disorder in Quantum Matter

Dedicated to Peter Wölfle's 70th Birthday
31 March - 3 April 2012, Karlsruhe, Germany 

The interplay of disorder and interactions dramatically affects transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems fabricated nowadays in experimental laboratories. Albeit mesoscopics and physics of strongly correlated materials share presently a number of common interests and challenges, they exist in large part parallel to each other. The aim of the workshop is to bring leading experts in these research fields closer together and motivate young researchers and students to get involved in topics that bridge between the subdisciplines. The Workshop will also celebrate the 70-th birthday of Peter Wölfle, an outstanding theoretical physicist famous for his contributions to many fields of condensed matter theory, particularly to those at the interface between the theory of strong electronic correlations, disordered systems, and mesoscopic physics.

Organizing Committee

  • Alexander Mirlin
  • Jörg Schmalian
  • Rose Schrempp (secretary)


31 March: arrival and registration
    1 April: workshop starts
    3 April: workshop ends
    4 April: departure

Registration deadline

Friday, February 17th, 2012


Lehmann lecture hall, South Campus, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), Germany


For any additional information please contact Rose Schremmp

Peter Wölfle

Peter Wölfle is an internationally renowned theoretical physicists with major contributions to condensed matter theory in systems with strong electronic correlations, mesoscopic systems and disordered systems. His pioneering works on quantum transport theory and the theory of quantum fluids have had great impact on current research efforts, allowing for a forward looking celebration of his birthday.

Peter Wölfle's biography:
1966 Diploma in Physics , at TH München
1969 Dr. rer.nat., at TH München
1968-1970 Research Associate at MPI fürPhysik, München
1971 Research Associate at MPI fürFestkörperforschungs, Stuttgart
1971-1973 Research Associate at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. U.S.A.
1973-1986 Senior Researcher at MPI fürPhysik, München
1975-1986 Assistant/Associate Professor at TU München
1986-1989 Full Professor at University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A.
1989-present Professor (C4) , since 2010 Emeritus, at Institut für Theorie der Kondensierten Materie, Universität Karlsruhe (since 10/2009 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).
1998-present Group leader, since 2010 Consultant, at Institut für Nanotechnologie, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (since 10/2009 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

List of invited speakers and talks

  • Elihu Abrahams (Univ. of California Los-Angeles, USA)
    Theory of critical quasiparticles
  • Alexander Balatsky (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
    Hidden order, pseudogap and hybridization in URu_2Si_2
  • Andrey Chubukov (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
    Superconductivity and spin density wave in doped graphene
  • Piers Coleman (Rutgers Univ., Piscataway, USA)
    Giant Ising Anistropy and Hastatic Order in URu2Si2
  • Alexander Finkelstein (Texas A&M Univ., College Station, USA)
    Fluctuations effects in superconducting films
  • Thierry Giamarchi (Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland)
    Disordered Luttinger Liquids
  • Leonid Glazman (Yale Univ., New Haven, USA)
    Inelastic Electron Backscattering in a generic helical edge
  • Igor Gornyi (Karlsruhe Inst. for Technology, Germany)
    Enhancement of superconductivity by Anderson localization 
  • Peter Hirschfeld (Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, USA)
    Diversity of pairing states in Fe-based superconductors
  • Alex Kamenev (Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA)
    Dynamics of doublons in optical lattices
  • Thilo Kopp (Univ. of Augsburg, Germany)
    The complexity of cuprate grain boundaries -- it can be simple after all
  • Gabi Kotliar (Rutgers Univ., Piscataway, USA)
    Layered Iron Pnictides and Chalchogenides: a new class of strongly correlated electron materials
  • Johann Kroha (Univ. of Bonn, Germany)
    Microdomain formation near the first-order Mott-Hubbard transition
  • Karyn Le Hur (Ecole Polytechnique & CNRS, Palaiseau, France; Yale Univ., New Haven, USA)
    Electronic Correlations and Topological Phases
  • Hilbert von Löhneysen (Karlsruhe Inst. for Technology, Germany)
    Quantum phase transitions in Kondo systems
  • Jochen Mannhart (Max-Planck Institut, Stuttgart, Germany)
    Coexistence of 2-D Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism at the LaA103-SrTio3 Interface
  • Charles Marcus (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Using the exchange interaction for fast qubit control
  • Walter Metzner (Max-Planck Institut, Stuttgart, Germany)
    Nematic quantum criticality
  • Laurens Molenkamp (Univ. of Würzburg, Germany)
    Dirac fermions in HgTe
  • Pavel Ostrovsky (Karlsruhe Inst. for Technology, Germany)
    Metal-Insulator Transition in Disordered Systems with Chiral Symmetry
  • Achim Rosch (Univ. zu Köln, Germany)
    Topological insulators in magnetic fields
  • Peter Schmitteckert (Karlsruhe Inst. for Technology, Germany)
    Transport properties of strongly correlated nanostructures
  • Costas Soukoulis
    Wave propagation: From electrons, to photonic crystals and metamaterials
  • Ronny Thomale (Stanford Univ., USA)
    Topological Superconductivity
  • Joe David Thompson (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
    Mesoscale electronic heterogeneity in Ce115 heavy-fermion and related materials
  • Chandra Varma (Univ. of California Riverside, USA)
    Loop Current Ordered States and Associated Phenomena
  • Dieter Vollhardt (Univ. of Augsburg, Germany)
    Quantification of correlations in quantum many-particle systems
  • Matthias Vojta (Techn. Univ. Dresden, Germany)
    The fate of topological-insulator surface states under strong disorder

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