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Transport in 1D systems with disorder

Kolloquium über Theoretische Physik


Marko Žnidarič


06.12.2018 17:30


Otto Lehmann Lecture Hall, Bldg. 30.22, KIT Campus South


University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dr. Elmer Doggen


For strong disorder 1D lattice systems can become localized even in the presence of interactions, a phenomenon known as many-body localization. Below the localization transition one can have a plethora of transport types that can be efficiently studied by a boundary-driven Lindblad master equation. Quasiperiodic potential, which without interactions can also lead to localization, on the other hand behaves for small interactions completely differently that a random one. In systems with symmetries, an important example being the Hubbard model, dynamics is even richer. One can analytically show that there can be a coexistence of ballistic, localized as well as diffusive transport.