How Boltzmann floats your boat (or car) - Modelling Traffic Flow with a Boltzmann-Type Approach

TKM Institutsseminar


Katharina Adrion


25/01/2024 14:00


10.01, Geb. 30.23, CS; and Zoom




Jörg Schmalian


If a traffic flow is called "flow", is it then possible to describe it with physical models that describe e.g. hydrodynamic flows? In my Master's thesis, I am concerned with this question. Based on previous works from Prigogine et al. [1] and Paveri-Fontana [2], I have developed a model that describes traffic flows with a Boltzmann-like equation. The presentation aims at explaining the different terms of the model equation and discussing several approaches to the solution including an analytical one and a numerical one.

[1] PRIGOGINE, Ilya ; HERMAN, Robert: Kinetic theory of vehicular traffic. New York : American Elsevier, 1971. – ISBN 978-0444000828
[2] PAVERI-FONTANA, S. L.: On Boltzmann-like treatments for traffic flow: A critical review of the basic model and an alternative proposal for dilute traffic analysis. In: Transportation Research 9 (1975), Nr. 4, S. 225–235. – ISSN 00411647