Research group - strongly correlated electrons

Critical phases in frustrated magnets
nematic order in iron-based superconductors
Dirac cone of graphene

The research activities of the group of Jörg Schmalian are in theoretical condensed matter physics. The main interest is the investigation of strongly correlated quantum mechanical many body systems, particularly their new collective behavior emerging due to competing interactions, disorder, non-equilibrium conditions or finite geometries. We are interested in understanding new materials with novel electric, optic, magnetic or thermal properties. Using quantum statistical mechanics and many-body theory, we work on phenomena such as superconductivity, quantum phase transitions, hydrodynamic transport, nano-electronics, magnetism, disordered systems and non-equilibrium dynamics.

 For a downloadable research statement see here.

Group members

Our group consists of Bachelor and Master Students, PhD students and postdocs. For a list of the group members see here

The research activities of the group are: