Institute for Theoretical Condensed Matter physics (TKM)

Theoretical Optics

These lectures are given in English!


Covered topics:

1. Review of classical electrodynamics                                          Suggested literature:

                a. Maxwell's equations in dielectric media.                         J. Jackson, "Classical Electrodynamics",

                b. Electromagnetic waves in dielectric media.                    L. Landau and E. Lifshitz, vols. 2 and 8.


2. Elements of Crystal Optics                                                         Suggested literature:                                                 

                a. Polarization                                                                      H. Römer, "Theoretical Optics"

                b. Anisotropic materials; Fresnel equation                           B. Saleh and M. Teich, "Fundamentals of Photonics"

                c. Reflection and refraction at interfaces.


3. Theory of Diffraction                                                                  Suggested literature

                a. Scalar diffraction theory                                                   L. Landau and E. Lifshitz, vols. 2 and 8.

                b. Fresnel zones                                                                    H. Römer, "Theoretical Optics"

                c. Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction

                d. X-Ray diffraction in crystals


4. Classical coherence theory.                                                        Suggested literature

                                                                                                             E. Wolf, "Introduction to the theory of coherence

                                                                                                                                 and polarization of light"

5. Elements of quantum optics.                                                      Suggested literature

                 a. Brief review of quantum mechanics.                              Gerry and Knight, "Introductory Quantum Optics"

                 b. Two-level system; Rabi model

                 c. Stimulated emission.



Written exam:


22.07.2013 (Monday, July 22nd), 14:00 - 16:00,

Gaede Lecture Hall



Second written exam:


24.10.2013 (Thursday, October 24th), 15:45 - 17:45,

Gaede Lecture Hall